Monday, April 26, 2010

Photographic Evidence

The lilac is starting to bloom. I'm still amazed everything is so early, but it does feel like it's slowing down a little bit with some cooler temperatures.

Pinnate lavender and Red Kew lavender in my new face pot. I planted him a mohawk lol.

This year I've been pretty good about not buying everything I want to plant for the season all at once. I only have one plant left to plant out of this bunch (an apple mint). And three plants from the other. I need to find my "walls of water" for the tomato plants to give them a boost. One the other hand, if I don't find them by Wednesday, I'm going to use some 1-gallon milk containers with the bottoms cut off.

My little raised bed. It look so tiny, but I almost broke my knees when I optimistically bought 2 2-cubic foot bags. I had to put a corner of the bag on each foot and walk them in because I don't have a wheel barrow yet. Good thing I'm not overly concerned with what the neighbors think lol. I think the hanging basket has pineapple sage and pineapple mint in it.

The front yard is very small and very shady. I decided to rip out all the grass and just replace it with plants. It's a slow process, but hey I don't want to run out of things to do lol. I'm plutting some stones for walking as I work. I have to remember to save room for the fritillarias in the fall!

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flowerdisco said...

love that clay pot with the face on! what zone are you in? I am on zone 6. are the lilacs hardy enough for 6, do you know? i can google it...never mind :)