Thursday, April 8, 2010

The season begins and then gallops away.

One small "leftover" crocus bloomed March 21. It's been a much milder spring than we usually have.

Then the lungwort started blooming around the 2nd of April (gotta love the macro option on the camera, these flowers are pretty small. I bought last year from the Garden Club Sale, I think it was in mid-May and it was only then time to plant. Here it is early April, it's been in the 80's we're about a month and a half away from the last frost date and I think my lettuce seeds will bolt.

I'm loving the variegation on the leaves.

The forsythia is blooming just a little bit early I think.
The ground is ready to plant but there's nothing in the nurseries. Of course we could get hit by a hard frost, but if I wait too much longer and the season continues the way it is, it'll be too hot. The proverbial rock and a difficult choice dilemma lol.