Sunday, April 25, 2010

A good start to the week

Today I increased the amount of grass I took out of the front yard with my trusty garden claw and I planted 2 for-get-me-nots and one bug gloss. I also planted a purple daisy like plant (I have to find the tag for that one lol) and a flax plant. I transplanted a fern and a columbine from under the front porch to the front yard too.

The lilacs started blooming earlier in the week, the lily-of-the-valley is about to bloom and the buds on the Dianthus superbus are getting larger every day.

In the backyard I planted one planter with romaine lettuce, one with a butter crunch lettuce, transplanted the pineapple sage and pineapple mint, the honeymelon sage and regular sage and planted 1/4 of the raised bed with detroit red beet seed. I also planted the two lavender plants (pinnata and Red Kew) into my new face pot.

The oriole feeder is out on it's new post with fresh food and the humming bird feeder is on the window near the favorite plant of the hummingbird we had last summer.

All that I have left to plant from the plants I have already purchased are the apple mint, tarragon and the cherokee purple tomato and roma tomato. Then I get to go plant shopping again lol. I hope to post pictures tomorrow.

I also got the 2 liter bird water bottle hung up much to the goldfinches delight. We seem to have 2 male goldfinches (I've seen both of them at the same time). We might have 2 females as well, but I only see one at a time. We also have some house finches and what looks like a song sparrow (I'll have to look it up to be sure). The robins have been enjoying the bird bath more than anything, and we have an occassional bluejay.


flowerdisco said...

yard work is a lot of work but so rewarding. you have done a lot. i wish i could but i have some physical limitations and i have to nag to get most things done :( I envy you still do a lot of gardening yourself. enjoy those birdies.

Ohhh Snap said...

I'm really feeling today what I did yesterday lol. It's a tiny yard and they were pretty tiny projects, just a variety of them.