Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sadly the lilacs are ending their blooming season. Our lilac shrub is right outside the porch. The scent was so rich this year, but just as they started blooming, the temperature dipped. So no reading on the front porch enveloped in lilac scent for me this season lol.

Also this year I need to take out the two largest canes. If you have lilacs with leaves like the ones shown that develop notches as the season goes on, you have the little beetles that live in the bark of the older canes. But I have to wait till the lily-of-the-valley which are growing through the base of the lilac finish blooming.

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flowerdisco said...

Lilacs...oh! so sweet.

Did I tell you I bought a gardenia one?
I have Lilly of the Valley too and this year they are spreading wild. I have to get some off my grass area. They did not smell much this year either...i wonder why.